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Parent Consultation

Initial and ongoing consultation to identify areas needing intervention to promote appropriate communication and social skills.

Individual Therapy in Home, Community and School settings

Understanding that progress is most quickly attained in a child’s natural environment, therapy typically begins in the child’s home and community setting to establish comfort and verbal communications with therapist.  Gentle exposure and practice at the local mall is a favorite community field trip.  Therapy is then introduced into the school setting, usually the most anxiety provoking setting for a child with selective mutism.

School Consultation 

Education and consultation provided at school sites with teachers and school professionals to promote understanding of Selective Mutism and to implement effective school strategies.

IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and 504 Plan Assistance

Consultation and/or attendance at IEP and 504 meetings can be provided for parents and school professionals. Assistance provided in the development of IEP programs, progress reporting, and recommendations based on goals and needs.  Recommendations are made to meet child’s needs through measurable goals, appropriate services and accommodations needed.

Group Therapy Programs

Group therapy encourages social, communication and play skills.  Designed to be relaxed and fun with peers, therapy can take the form of social skills groups and field trips where appropriate skills are practiced across different settings, people and activities. 

Intensive Services

For families from out of town or for situations where regular sessions are not possible, intensive services are an effective option.   

Video and Phone Consultations

For out-of-town clients where in-person sessions are not feasible, phone and video consultations may be arranged.     

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