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Personalized Effective Behavioral Treatment 
Building Confident Voices Together
Welcome to my private practice at Dunn Behavioral Consulting. 

I specialize in the consultation, treatment and education for children affected by selective mutism.  These services are provided at home, school and community settings.  For out of town families, intensive services may be provided both in person and via teleconference.  By collaborating with the key people in children's lives, children can achieve the goal of building their confident voices and overcoming selective mutism.


All my behavioral treatments are evidence-based, using the principals of ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis).  My treatment approach stems from understanding and compassion for children with anxieties.  Social comfort is developed early on in the therapy process to help children communicate verbally.  I customize my programs and play activities to gently build a child's confidence step by step in speaking more easily with multiple people in a variety of settings.

In my practice, I have assisted many children and teens successfully transition to becoming confident speakers in expanded surroundings.

Dunn Behavioral Consulting | Behavioral consulting practice in Roseville,  California

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